Typing answers in enotesHow do you type a question involving exponients or division(/) normally without using '^' for powers?

Expert Answers
rcmath eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You have to be an approved editor to use the math editor. It shows as a sigma tab at the bottom of the answer box. I noticed that it is not an available feature for the free sign up, I am not sure if premium members have access to it.


cosinusix eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I use the equation editor at the bottom of the answer frame. I works only on my computer, not on my tablet though.
justis | Student

how did you make that qeastion it is so challenging


yaozhang | Student

Sorry, I didn't quite understand your question before, now I do. Scratch the post before! ^ ^

You can't do it directly on eNotes (I think), but there are of course keyboard symbol shortcuts and the math character map. It's different on different computers (eg. Macs and Windows), but I have the symbol below. Just copy and paste! You can use this and refer back to it instead ^ ^

yaozhang | Student

You can use a word processor and type in the question on the word processor eg. 6^, then copy and paste it on here.

Or is the source formatting automatically removed? And cosinusix, I don't have an equation editor. Is that only for expert editors?