Types of microscopes Name two types of microscopes other than the compund light microscope . how do they differ from the compound light microscope?

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1) Scanning electron microscope  2) confocal microscope

Scanning electron microscope: It uses high resolution. The specimen is coated in gold and the specimen is placed in a very high pressure chamber. The high pressure region gives an amplification of the secondary electron signal. The specimen should be dry because the specimen chamber is at high vacuum. Hard materials can be examined but living cells and tissues require chemical fixation for preservation.

Confocal microscopes: In this microscope, laser light is used. Laser light scan through the specimen with the help of scanning mirrors. The image is shown on digital computer.

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confocal mircoscope and stereoscope

in a stereoscope, the image appears 3d and has a low magnification, thus you cannot see individual cells. the stereoscope is commomly used for dissection.

the confocal mircoscope uses laser light instead of visible light that the stereoscope uses. laser light is used due to its wave length. the laser light will scan the specimen with the help of scanning mirrors and will then be placed in a computer for analysis.

the cost of these mircoscopes vary. a confocal mircoscope may cost between $100-$1500 while a stereoscope may cost between $20,000-$100,000.  

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