The type of mountain involving huge sections of the earth's crust being pushed up into anticlines and synclines is called what?  

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The type of mountain you are referring to is called a fold mountain, and is the type of mountain you would expect to find between the collision of two continental plates.  Both plates are the same density, so neither one subducts beneath the other.  The crustal material piles up, building folds in the rock layers that can rise high into the sky.  The folds consist of upwards folds, called anticlines, and downward folds, called synclines.  The Himilayan moutain range in Asia is a good example of this type of moutain range.  A good exercise to demonstrate this type of mountain building is to get a towel, lay it flat on a table.  Using both hands, push inward towards the center.  The towel material will start folding inward and upward, in much the same fashion as the rock layers do in the actual mountain.

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