Tybalt is named for a cat that is known for its slyness in the fable "Reynard the Fox" how is Tybalt like the cat he is named for?

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In terms of being sly, one of the ways that Tybalt is particularly sly is in the way that he can manipulate other characters to do his bidding.  Without being particularly long winded or having the number of lines that other characters do, Tybalt has a major influence on the action of the play as he is able to push other characters to react the way he wants to.

He is also sly like a cat in that he is always looking for any advantage and never, ever hesitates to take it.  If you look carefully at the fight that Tybalt basically engineered between him and Mercutio because he had been itching for revenge for the perceived slight the family had received, his slyness is revealed in spades. In the very famous scene of the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio, he sees an opening when Romeo steps in to stop the fight and immediately stabs Mercutio under Romeo's arm.

Tybalt is also particularly sly in his words as he uses them to great effect to draw out the reaction he is looking for in other characters.


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