In Fahrenheit 451 what plan does Montag suggest which Faber rejects at first?

Expert Answers
mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The plan that Montag puts forth at first is for them to start printing books and secretly distributing them to the masses.  Faber dismisses this immediately; he has been around a bit longer than Montag, and has been on the other side of the fire hose.  He knows that if they started doing that, they would certainly be caught by the firemen and toasted themselves.  So, because of their sure certainty at being caught by the firement, Faber says the only way it would work is if

"somehow the firemen structure itself could be burnt.  Now, if you suggest that we print extra books and arrange to have them hidden in firemen's houses all over the country, so that the seeds of suspicion would be sown among these arsonists, bravo, I'd say!"

Faber says this in a joking manner, rather flippantly, not ever considering that Montag would leap on it and really insist they do it.  But Montag is in the first throws of angst and frustration over realizing his entire life has been meaningless; he's itching for change, he's craving action.  So, Montag does jump on it, and says that since he's a firemen, who better to know the names and addresses of the others?  So, whether Faber was serious or not, they end up going with that plan.   I hope that helped; good luck!