Compare and contrast Abraham Maslow and Jean Piaget?

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Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist. He was famous for his work on child development. He was a constructivist theorist. Constructivists believe that each person learns according to their own experiences and values and that all learning is based on this schema. He believed that children gained knowledge through their experiences and that people gain knowledge when they have mastered certain stages. He felt that play was incredibly important to children's development, and that their knowledge base would increase as they matured, taking on more responsibilities as they became psychologically ready to do so. His work on the stages of development is still part of the educational psychology lexicon. He theorized that children use their senses to gather information about the world. Their minds grow as their bodies grow. His stages begin with the sensorimotor stage and go through the formal operational stage, which includes the ability for abstract thought.

Abraham Maslow was an American...

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