What were the two most important reasons why the communists won the Vietnam War.?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were reasons why North Vietnam and the communists won the Vietnam War. One reason was the United States was not prepared for fighting a guerilla-style war. We knew how to fight a war where armies met on a battlefield. We had minimal experience fighting a war where the enemy attacks at night, hides in thick jungle bushes, has hidden traps and uses surprise attacks. In order to win the war, we would have had to double our troop size, but that wasn’t politically possible because of the growing opposition to the Vietnam War in our country. The tactics used by the communists meant the war would be a long one. This was something the American public wouldn’t support.

Another reason the communists won the Vietnam War was they were prepared for a long and deadly conflict. They believed the country should have been communist back in 1956. However, since South Vietnam wouldn’t allow the elections, the North Vietnamese believed they had control of the country stolen from them. Thus, North Vietnam was prepared to fight for as long as it would take to seize control of the country. They were totally committed to war. This wasn't the case with the American public. North Vietnam also benefitted by having many people in South Vietnam support them. There were reasons why North Vietnam and the communists won the Vietnam War.

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