Why are he two greatest obscenities in the society of Brave New World birth and mother.  Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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In the New World, "civilization is sterilization." As Lenina and Bernard watch the Indians at Malpais, Lenina thinks that she has never seen anything  so "indecent" in her life.  And, to make matters worse for her, Lenina thinks, "Bernard proceeded to make open comments on this revoltingly viviparous scene."

"What a wonderfully intimate relationship...And what an intensity of feeling it must generate!"

These candid comments of Bernard are certainly counter-culture.  For, as Mr. Foster tours the students through the Central London Hatchery, he explains that reproduction has been taken out of the realm and revised by taking 

"slavish imitation of nature into the much more interesting word of human invention....We also predestine and condition."

Human reproduction has been eliminated from the New World because it is obscene.  And, it is obscene because this type of reproduction involves an intimacy between two people that is of a passionate nature.  The intimacy of a man and woman who love each other and the intimacy of a mother and child are not permitted to exist in the New World because such emotional relationships and attachment can lead to problems such as unhappiness, disease, and destruction.  Mustapha Mond, who addresses the children, reminds the students that they have been spared all the pain and suffering caused by pre-modern monogamy and family constraints.

In the New World, everyone must remain content with his/her state in life.  Stability is extremely important, and in order to have stability, the society must be controlled; no one can have any attachments to anyone else and eugenics must be used to create the various castes and maintain uniformity.


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