Two friends decided to have a friendly race on their bikes. The girl travels at 6.0 m/s while her boyfriend speeds off at a rate of 6.5m/s. If both friends decide to go in different directions from the same starting point, the distance separating the friends after 20 seconds is written as a.b*10^c. What are the values of a, b and c respectively?

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distance is a function of the rate at which you go and how long you travel at that rate. The formula for distance is:  d = vt where d is the distance, v is the rate, and t is the time.

In this case, the girl is going a distance of 6 m/s * 20 s = 120 m.

The boy is going a distance of 6.5 m/s * 20 s = 130 s.

Since they are going in different directions, the total distance is 120 m + 130 m = 250 m

in scientific notation 250 = 2.5 * 10^2


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