Give two examples in the story that demonstrate how Judy's casual decisions or behavior changes Dexter's life in important ways?  in "Winter Dreams"

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many examples of how Judy's demeanor and casual decisions impact Dexter's life.  The very first encounter between both of them on the golf course when she was eleven changed Dexter's life.  Upon seeing her, the manner in which she carried herself, and how she ensured that everyone around her bends to her will causes him to quit his job as a caddy.  Regardless of the fact that he was seen as the best caddy on the course and that there was a significant loss of income, Judy's mere presence impacts Dexter's life.  Another such moment would be when Irene could not accompany Dexter to a party that one night when Judy caught a hold of Dexter, who attended single. In this light, Judy's mere presence again, inviting Dexter to take her home and to come inside for the night changes Dexter's life.  He breaks up an engagement to the Irene, causing him to commit to Judy and being miserable, a pain only resolved by going to the war and finally ridding himself of her entirely.