What things did the people gain control of (e.g., the weather) and what things did they let go of (e.g., the sunshine)?

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If you are creating a two column chart, the items on the left should be gained in order to give up the items on the right.

They give up choosing their own jobs in order to lose unemployment. Even though the Committee of Elders assigns everyone a job, no one is left without a job.

They give up the right to choose their spouses, but gain stable home lives. There is no divorce in the community.  Matches are carefully chosen by the Committee, and they exist only for the purpose of child-rearing.

Nobody has biological children, but all couples that want them have children. There is no infertility or unwanted pregnancy in the community.  All children are genetically engineered, birthed by birthmothers, and sent to live with couples who’ve applied for one.

Food production is limited and consumption is tightly controlled, but there is neither hunger nor obesity. People do not choose their food, but no one goes hungry or eats unhealthy food.



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