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Two cars are driving at the same speed. What is true about the lines that represent the distance traveled by each car at a given time?

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Since both cars are driving at the same speed, then they should pass the same distance at a given time.

Regardless the direction of the cars, the lines that represents the distances are equal.

Let car1 travels x mph  from A to B

and car 2 travels x mph  from C to D

Then after time (t) we note that:


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neela | Student

The cars are in the same speed.

Speed indicates oly magnitude.

The lines the car travel are not indicated.

The cars may travel in the same line and direction . Then they keep the same distance between them.

The cars may travel in opposite direction in the same speed. They meet exactly half the way at a time , half inital the initial distance divided by the speed.

If the cars travel in different  lines paralel to each other, then  the situation similar as above.

If the cars travel at different lines(not parallel) , then the  directions of their speed , the angle of inclination between the path of the lines the cars move are to be considered  and the n only we can say  about the relative distance of the cars on different lines.