What are two activities that reduce air pollution?

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the biggest sources of air pollution is fossil fuel combustion. A number of steps can be taken to reduce the pollutants generated by their consumption. We can use alternative fuels such as nuclear energy, solar energy, wind power, etc. We can also use more efficient fossil fuels, for example, instead of coal we can use natural gas or use high quality coal (say anthracite over peat). We can also improve our processes that use these fuels. For example, we can improve vehicle engines, thermal power plant processes, etc.

We can also capture the emissions at source, so that they are not released to the atmosphere. For example, we can use better emission capture measures at our industries (i.e., electrostatic precipitators, etc.). We can use similar devices in vehicular exhaust pipes.

Another approach could be to plant more trees and reduce deforestation. Trees capture and store many of the air pollutants and thus can help in keeping our air clean.

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arndnadolny | Student

There are lots of things you can do personally too:

- conserve energy and turn off the lights and appliances before you leave the room.

- help recycling paper, plastic bottles, cardboard and aluminium cans,

or use solar lighting


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