In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, when Edward has left, does Bella recieve random packages with money in them or a scholarship for college?  

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hstaley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To make a long answer short, no; Bella does not receive random packages with money or scholarships in New Moon.  Edward does not communicate with her whatsoever in the novel until the very end when they are in Italy and she keeps him from sacrificing himself to the Volturri.  In terms of money and scholarships though, in Eclipse, Edward essentially forces Bella to apply to many universities and Bella applies for scholarships in the hopes that she can get one so that Edward's family doesn't pay for everything.

zumba96 | Student

No she does not receive anything especially not from Edward. Although, she does fill out her applications for college in Eclipse. 

udonbutterfly | Student

Bella doesn't receive a thing from Edward. Any and every memory they had is practically erased. He took all the pictures they took together and hide them. Bella even became so frustrated with remembering him that claws the radio, that the Cullen's got for her birthday, out with her bare fingers. It's only when they get back together is when Edward starts making her consider college seriously.

ik9744 | Student

She gets neither money nor scholarship.

crystaltu001 | Student

She doesn't receive anything from edward 

faria49 | Student

no, she doesn't receive anything from Edward during the time when he's left her.

jmtgr1 | Student

i have no idea where you got that idea from but no, she doesnt get anything from edward.


NEW MOON!!!!! 20 NOVEMBER!!!!!! XP

misstwilight | Student

Its alright I've found what I was talking about, its on Stephenie Meyer's website, its a deleted chapter that she didn't add in the end :)

Thanks anyway

candnels | Student

To my knowledge i dont think so, she just stats filling out applications for college in eclipse so i dont think so. 

newmoonjnas | Student

no Edward and Bella do not talk untill the end. 

codabug745 | Student

edwadr sends her money   but not for collage

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