Twilight Movie!I hear the Twilight movie is coming out in December? Is this true? Does you think it will be better or worse than the books??

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Noelle Thompson | High School Teacher | eNotes Employee

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Well, this is obviously a very late post in that the movie has already come and gone.  I think my reply would have been the same before as it is now, though.  Books are almost ALWAYS better than the movie.  They are able to go into more depth both in plot and in character.  Movies must always truncate the story in order to fit into a two-hour frame.  Specifically, I feel as though many aspects of Bella's interesting personality are lost in the film including her very different relationship between Bella and her father.  I also feel that the Native American aspect to the story was lost almost entirely.  Still, it goes down as an "okay" movie (with wonderful casting especially of Edward himself).

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I haven't seen it yet, but I'm planning on it later this week (hopefully some of the crowds will have died down). Who has seen it? Any opinions on whether it is as good as the book?

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I am looking forward to it and hope that they stick with the story line.  It is always so depressing when a great book is butchered in the theaters. 

In response to #3:  Thanks for the youtube link!  I hadn't thought to go there to look.  They have everything on youtube!  :)

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Hmmm...I'm not sure about this movie. Just looking at the IMDB for it and I've never heard of the director nor the leading actors...that can't be a good sign. 

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twilight the movie was really goood! it was not as good as the book, but what movie is as good as their book? but it was fantastic! the characters were wonderful and the action drama and love scenes were perfect... yes it was different than the book but in a good way! summit entertainment did a great job adding new scenes and making it like the book...though its somewhat different than the book it is still awsome....and remeber they only had 2 hours for the movie so they couldnt add all the stuff stephanie meyer wrote! o and the edward in the movie WILL NOT be a disapointment!! i love edward! :) who doesnt??? besides jacob lovers(they dont count) :p!!!

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PEPS IT COMING OUT ON 11/21/08!!!!!

And I agree w/ you Amy-Lepore.But they are gonna change lot of stuff.But maybe it'll be good.How knows.

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I heard its coming out in Nov 21st, and i now the lead characters at least. Cause the guy who plays edward is off of harry potter. He dyes in the maze and such. I love these books lol (twilight) so ready for the movie to come out

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Well, DUH!!!!!!! twilght was good in the book it should and will be good in the movie. Stephenie Meyer would not ever even come close to letting down the movie. She is the best writer I've ever known. Matter of fact she is the only reason why I kept reading her series even though the shortest amount of pages in the twilight saga was about 500 pages. And definately the only reason why I kept coming on to her website to research her and find out when her next twilight saga breaking dawn and her newest book that will be Edward's point of view from the twilight saga. I would so marry Edward if he were real. So I can not so totally wait till her new book comes out and the movie.