In "Twilight", discuss the scene where Edward Cullen sucked the venom from Isabella Swan's wound but managed not to kill her.

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After James bites Bella, Edward sucks the vampire venom out of the bite to prevent her from becoming a vampire.  This is an important scene, because, Edward resists the urge to drain Bella of her blood. 

This scene further proves Edward's love for Bella, no matter how unlikely, because he has said that Bella's blood has a very tantilizing scent.    

udonbutterfly | Student

Edward sucking the venom from Bella is not only a test of Bella's appeal to him but also the love Edward has Bella. Edward really does not want Bella to become a vampire, especially since being a vampire himself is something he fights with constantly so he would hate Bella to lead a life that way. So when Bella is bitten he is faced the task of sucking the venom out and not being able to stop and possibly killing her or let the venom spread and change her. Edward chooses his love that will win over the appeal of Bella's blood and saves her.  

jarian44 | Student

Edward was struck with the temptation of altering Bella from the moment they met, and it would have been devastating to him if another of his kind was the one to transform her.  Bella was not ready to be changed, let alone be changed by someone who was an enemy of the Cullens.  Edward was able to suck the venom and not drain her blood because Edward had learned restraint early on as a young vampire.  Bella would be his temptation, and his love for her would only help him resist her all the more.  Bella would probably have wanted Edward to transform her, but timing is everything.