TwilightHey everybody, I am mostly going to be talking about books but in this discussion I want peoples (YOUR) opinions on twilight. Either books of film. XP

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I read Twilight at my daughter's suggestion. ;) I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Fast-paced. Captivating. BUT,... I hated the idea of a woman giving up everything (her life!) for the love (not even sure if I would call it love!) of a man. On the one hand, it's very romantic, but it also makes me say UGH! :)

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I read the entire series last year, one right after another, because my kids in class loved them. They were truly enjoyable reads. I would have enjoyed them more, if I had spaced them out and read them one at a time. I haven't seen the movies, but I'm not really interested in them. I have very clear impressions of what I expect the characters to look like and how I expect them to behave, and I don't think the movies would meet my expectations.

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Personally I liked the Breaking Dawn movie a lot more than the rest of the Twilight movies. I was a breath of air from the artificialness feeling that I was getting in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I think when Bella changed into a vampire the whole demeanor change which changed the atmosphere of the movie. Love it!

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