In "Twilght" by Stephenie Meyer, who is Edward Cullen and what is his biography in this book?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this book, "Twilight" Edward Cullen is part of a family of vampires.  He was made a vampire at age 17.  He meets Bella at school and doesn't want to know her, but subsequently falls in love with her.  The story is about the love between Bella and Edward, a human and a vampire.  His love for Bella, the first human he has loved since becoming a vampire contributes to his commitment to resist human blood and feed on animals only.

udonbutterfly | Student

Edward Cullen is a vampire that was turned at the age of 17 from almost having died from the Spanish Influenza. His father figure, Carlisle, is the one who changed him. Edward was also the first one that Carlisle ever changed. However for the first 10 years of his vampire life Edward was not dedicated to the  diet of animal blood and dedicated it to taking the lives of really bad men. Also Edward has the ability to read minds, all of them except Bella. Bella is also Edwards companion.

xxalannahxx | Student

In the book "Twilight", Edward Cullen is the alluring vampire who Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart), falls for. Although he doesn't want to know Bella her falls in love with her. The story is about the love they have for each other and how it is hard for him to be around her because her blood is so tempting. Bella is the first human that he has fallen in love with since he was made a vampire when he was 17 years old. The reason for his change was because him and his mother were hit with a bad case of influenza in the 1900's. Just before she dies Edward's mother asks Carlisle, the doctor who is also a vampire, to save him. He respects his mothers dying wish and changes Edward into a vampire.

baboy | Student

first Edward is the major characer in the story which show the opposite nature of a true vampire. Why because as we go back into his past year 1900's when this time he suffer an deadly sickness and in order to save him the only way is to became a vampire.

krisp2212 | Student

Edward Cullen, a major charactor in "Twilight", is an immortal vampire that drinks animal blood rather than human blood.  He falls in love with the new girl at school, Isabella Swan.  Edward is very strong just like any other vampire and is fast compared to other vampires. 

We discover in the novel that he dated back to the 1900s.  Him and his mother became ill in a deadly influenza outbreak.  Just before she dies, Edward's mother pleads with the Carlisle, the doctor, to help Edward overcome the sickness.  Feeling he must respect Edward's mother's last wish Carlisle saves Edward by changing him into a vampire.

photeach | Student

Edward's biography dates back to the early 1900s where he was ill due to an deadly influenza outbreak.  During this time, Edward is taken to the hospital to die where Carlisle is a doctor.  Taking pity on one so young to die of the flu and with no other relatives, Carlisle changes Edward into a vampire to save him.