In 1984, twice Winston says that he feels no love for Julia. Is it possible to believe that what he says is true? Is it easy under adverse circumstances to lose love once felt?

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It is clear that by the time Winston is released back into mainstream society he has lost all feeling for Julia, and she has also undergone a similiar negative transformation. This is something they had both never believed possible before their arrest.

"'They can't get inside you,' she had said. But they could get inside you."(p.303)

The passion Winston once felt for Julia has been extinguished under the extreme psychological torture that O'Brien exposed Winston to in Room 101. The profound sense of shame that Winston feels afer the event means that he cannot recapture the feelings he once had for Julia. This is shown in their chance meeting at a park where we learn that Julia was evidently exposed to an identical psychological torture.

"'I betrayed you,' she said baldly. 'I betrayed you,' he said" (p.305)

The circumstances O'Brien created for Winston to lose his feelings for Julia (and vice-versa) were more than adverse, they were extreme, but he knew that he must break down their bond if he was to truly succeed in redirecting their love and loyalty towards Big Brother.


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