When and where was the author of The Twenty-One Balloons born?

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The novel Twenty-One Balloons, published in 1947, was written by William Sherman Pène du Bois.

du Bois was born on May 9th, 1916, in Nutley, New Jersey. Nutley is known for its small-town ambiance despite its close proximity to New York City. Nutley came into existence in 1902 (just fourteen years before du Bois was born) when the town of Franklin changed its name to coincide with a change from being governed as a township to being governed by a mayor and council.

du Bois inherited a love of art and his remarkable talent from his artistic family. He wrote a number of children's books, and was awarded the Newbery Medal for Twenty-One Balloons in 1947. He was also a renowned illustrator, illustrating works by the likes of Roald Dahl and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Sine the 1947 novel Twenty-One Balloons does not concern an author, and is instead the tale of a retires schoolteacher, I assume you are asking about the author of the novel.

William Sherman Pène du Bois was born on May 9, 1916 in Nutley, New Jersey. Nutley was incorporated as a township shortly before du Bois' birth, having formerly been Franklin Township. He was born to a mother who was a children's fashion designer and a father who was a well known painter and art critic with a focus on landscapes and portraits. Du Bois spent his formative years in France, where he received an education at the Lycèe Hoche at Versailles before returning to Nutley and attending an American high school.

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