In Twelve Angry Men, who was the leader of the jury and why?

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sangelis84 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Over the course of the play, Juror #8 emerges as the leader of the group. Juror #8 is the first person (and initially the only person) to express doubt that the boy accused of murdering his father is guilty of the crime. The other jurors consider the evidence of the boy's guilt so definitive that they are shocked by his dissent. However, slowly and patiently, Juror #8 convinces the members of the jury that the boy is innocent (or, at least, he brings them each to a place where they have a reasonable doubt to his guilt). Juror #8 is a leader in the sense that he is able to convince people he is right, and rally people to his cause. His style is different from that of many other leaders: Juror #8 is respectful and deferential towards the other jurors, and listens carefully to their contributions. He is also is unfailing in his own beliefs and unafraid of being perceived by everyone else as wrong or crazy.  

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