"Twelve Angry Men shows the importance of seeing things from different perspectives." Discuss the validity of this statement.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

With regards to Rose's drama, the statement has much in way of validity.  Certainly, the discussion that takes place in the jury room is a testament to the idea that it is important to view reality from different points of view.  Juror Two refuses to do this, at first.  It is only through the persuasion of Juror Eight that Juror Two understands this.  The drama underscores the importance of seeing things from different perspectives  as it represents the foundation of the judicial system.  The discussions in the jury room are geared towards showing the different perspectives  needed to render an effective verdict.  The jurors who are incapable of seeing different perspectives threaten the justice system.  

The drama makes clear that if the judicial system is to continue with any integrity and redemption, it lies in the importance of seeing things from different perspectives.  Individuals who understand this have a civic obligation to ensure that they not only embody it, but share it with others so that they grasp it.  Juror Ten's perception of reality is one that denies such a notion.  The rejection of Juror Ten's views is critical in the development of the drama.  This repudiation substantiates the need to be open minded and accepting of as many points of view as possible.  This ending concludes that if one wishes to see the judicial system continue and prosper, there is an absolute importance in seeing things from different perspectives.