In Tuck Everlasting, which does Winnie prefer to like? The Tucks or the Fosters?

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Winnie first goes to the Tucks because she feels stifled by her life as a Foster.  She feels like her parents are controlling.  Winnie has to decide whether he wants to live forever like the Tucks, but also whether she can live with the Tucks.  The free lifestyle is attractive at first, but might get old after a while.  Winnie ultimately choose mortality for now.  She believes that she is too young to make the decision, and she can make it any time when she is older.  She wants to love Jesse, and in her current body she is too young so she plans to wait until she is 17, when she can drink from the pool and become immortal as an adult.  She does not return though, and she dies.  Winnie chooses the Fosters over the Tucks.

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