What did Winnie do with the bottle of spring water that Jesse gave to her?

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In chapter 23, Winnie hides the bottle of spring water in a bureau drawer.

Later, in chapter 25, she empties the bottle over her toad. This toad is presumably the same one Winnie meets at the beginning of the story. He is, of course, her special friend, one she unburdens herself to when she is anxious or lonely.

Because Winnie pours the magical spring water over the toad, it is assumed that the animal will now enjoy everlasting life. In the epilogue, we see a cheeky confirmation of the toad's new immortality after Tuck moves the toad away from the road and says, "Burn fool thing must think it's going to live forever."

So, why did Winnie pour the bottle of water over the toad? The answer is that this is the only way to keep the toad cool. In chapter 22, Winnie remarks that her toad seems to be thirsty. She asks her grandmother if she can give him a drink. Her grandmother replies that toads don't drink water; rather, they absorb water through their skin. Before Winnie can catch up to her toad, however, it hops away.

When she next sees her toad in chapter 25, she pours the magical water over him, in order to keep him cool. She also saves him from a dog. Her last words to her toad are telling: "There!" she said. "You're safe. Forever."

Winnie is presumably convinced that her toad will now live forever. For herself, she puts off the act of drinking the water. She decides that, if and when she is ready to drink the water, there will be plenty in the woods.

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Jesse gave Winnie the bottle of magic spring water with the intent that she would drink it when she turned 17.  That way they both could be together at 17 forever.  How romantic.  

The first thing that Winnie does with the bottle is hide it.  She does not want her nosy parents finding it, so Winnie puts it down at the bottom of one of her bureau drawers.  

The next time that the bottle makes a big appearance in the story is when Winnie pours the contents of the bottle over the toad.  The toad is being pestered by a dog, and Winnie rushes over to the fence to rescue it from the dog.  At this point in the story, Winnie isn't 100% sure whether the spring water does indeed give eternal life or not, but she pours the water over the frog anyway, because the thought that the frog is now safe forever is a nice thought to Winnie.  

Then she stooped and put her hand through the fence and set the toad free. "There!" she said. "You're safe. Forever."

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