In Tuck Everlasting, what 3 events took place as the story began?

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The opening prologue to the story Tuck Everlasting tells readers that three seemingly unrelated events happened in the first week of August. The events narrated are told in chronological order.  

The first event happened at dawn.  Mae Tuck took her horse and began travelling toward the village of Treegap.  She was going there to see her two sons, Miles and Jesse.  Mae Tuck only does this once every ten years.  

The second event happened at noon.  Winnie Foster began contemplating running away.  

The third event happened at sunset.  The text says a stranger arrived at the Foster's gate.  He said that we was looking for somebody, but the stranger refused to give any specifics.  

As the reader will find out, the stranger is the man in the yellow suit. He is looking for the Tuck family, who Winnie happens to stumble across as she makes a halfhearted attempt to run away.  

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