Where did Jesse, Miles and Mae Tuck take Winnie in Tuck Everlasting?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Tucks take Winnie to their house so that they can explain everything to her.

Technically, the Tucks kidnap Winnie.  When Jesse finds her in the woods near her house, she sees him drink from the special spring.  Jesse knows that he can’t let Winnie drink, because she would become immortal just like they are. 

At first, Winnie and Jesse just talk.  She asks him where he is from.

The boy grinned. "No, I don't live nearby, and no, I don't come here often. Just passing through. And thanks, I'm glad it's all right with you." (Ch. 5)

Winnie is pretty insistent about drinking from the spring, saying she is thirsty.  Jesse does not know what to do, but Mae and Miles arrive.  The Tucks kidnap Winnie, telling her not to be afraid because they would never hurt her.

The Tucks leave the woods, and explain to Winnie how they became immortal from drinking the spring.  It is the strangest story she has ever heard, but she listens to them.  Mae tells Winnie that they have to take her home with them, and Pa (Angus) Tuck will know what to do.

The Tucks live in an out of the way place.  They have to, in order to avoid suspicion.  Living around too many people would lead to questions.

It was amazing, then, to climb a long hill, to see ahead another hill, and beyond that the deep green of a scattered pine forest, and as you climbed, to feel the air ease and soften. (Ch. 9)

The Tuck family house is in a “wide stand of dark pines,” which protects it from onlookers.  The Tucks live in “a plain, homely little house, barn-red” next to a lake.  They have lived there for a while, and tell Winnie that they will have to leave soon.  The Tucks can’t stay in one place for long.

Winnie had been thinking that her life was boring, and she wanted to run away from home.  She certainly got that chance.  The Tucks are anything but boring.  To Winnie, their story sounds like a fairy tale.  They are genuinely nice people, and Winnie is not afraid of them once she gets to know them.