Trying to justify volunteering at art library as a course project

I volunteer at my local Art Museum’s library because I am fascinated with art and art History. I plan to become a librarian. I am to a program at my university that will allow me to use so many hours of supervised volunteer time as a single course worth of credit. I just need to state why I choose the art library (which will be easy because I love it), how working at the art library helps my community and more specifically why does my chosen volunteered activity important to my community as a whole. I also need to explain how my activity will:


  • Demonstrate responsible citizenship by acting consistently in a way that contributes to the good of society.
  • Relates to the claims of Aristotle and other theorists of the West that active participation is essential for a meaningful civic life.
  • Apply to the Western traditions of common sense, scientific testing and evaluation, and rational debate and analysis address contemporary challenges such as moral and cultural relativism.
  • Relate to the history, meanings, intents, and purposes of America's Founding Documents and evaluate these in light of contemporary alternative interpretations.

    I know my choice makes it hard to answer these questions but I was told if I can answer these questions I can pursue it. I am trying hard. If anyone has advice I would appreciate it. I basically need to establish why I chose it, why is it useful, how is it productive for society and justify the activity.



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    Art is a universal language. It is also a way of maintaining and passing on a common culture. By serving at the library, you are learning more yourself and also helping pass along the art to others. I would also argue that your enthusiasm might encourage more people to check it out.
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    You could also argue that art is a pivotal point in society that is often overlooked. Through art we can express ourselves in a way that is rarely available through other channels. Art is often deemed unnecessary when it comes to public funding and other financial opportunities. One of the greatest civil duties we have is to preserve and promote art. It helps us see and understand other perspectives. It helps people come together and discuss history, philosophy, science, society, and many other relevant topics. Volunteering at an art library will contribute to the local society by helping its citizens brouden their horizons and knowledge base.
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    The first answer is very good.  I would supplement it by suggesting the following:

    • volunteering at an art library will bring you into contact with knowledgeable people and thus enhance your own knowledge.
    • volunteering at an art library will help the sort of institution that is often overlooked when people are considering opportunities to volunteer.
    • volunteering at an art library may help you in a careeer choice.
    • volunteering at an art library will give you a chance to help others cultivate their knowledge of art.
    • volunteering at an art library may give you a chance to broaden and/or deepen others' interests in the arts.
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