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Try to briefly formulate philosopher Peter Singer's main argument. How exactly does what he proposes alter views about charity to others?

Philosopher Peter Singer's main argument is that any action taken should do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. This is a concept known as "hedonistic utilitarianism." What Singer proposes alters views about charity to others because he suggests that those who wish to give money to charitable organizations should do so for organizations in developing nations rather than in developed nations, because their money will accomplish more there.

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Very broadly, Peter Singer's ethical arguments are based around the concept of hedonistic utilitarianism. Essentially, he tells us that any action we take should do the greatest good for the greatest number of people. There are endless hypothetical scenarios on which to test this idea. For example, if you had to torture and kill one person in order to prevent a terrorist attack in which hundreds would die or suffer injury, this would, according to him, be justified.

He also focuses much of his work around the concept of personhood, which he defines as a being's ability to appreciate what it...

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