Truth and reconciliation Commission accounts disclose genocide practiced by oppressors and the oppressed who were unjustly absolved of the heinous by Amnesty in South Africa I have claimed that Nurenberg RSA was meant to have happened in RSA by now:the grave levels of violations of the sanctity of life continue; the extent of grave violations of life evident in abortions considered lesser actions ;political pursuits deprive earnest considerations and practices as it coerces a violent and dishonourable course and genocide continues to be written as in the past as developing nation, developing state.Amnesty and its inherent absolving of culpable onus for perpetrations and atrocities committed by both the oppressors and oppressed continues to provide politics with opportunities to manipulate rightful law at grave risk to humanity.The scourge of violence continues to redefine itself by sociable compromise and palliatable representation serving as definitions of practice. The Lord bless you .Jennifer

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Genocide is the most extreme of human rights violations. Apartheid is an unquestioned evil, but it is not the same as genocide, and genocide is not its inevitable conclusion.

Both are certainly destructive, and there is no doubt that apartheid was supported by violence, but the effort to exterminate a group of people and the effort to keep a people in subjugation, while both despicable, are not moral equivalents, in my opinion.

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Genocide is the systematic elimination of a people based on race or religion.  Apartheid involved the systematic discrimination of people based on race.  I agree that they are not really comparable.  Apartheid is inexcusable, but genocide is still far worse.


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I think that it is difficult to characterize Apartheid as genocide.  It was an immoral and insidious regime, but it is not the same as genocide.  It is easy for me to say from my point of view outside of South Africa, but the truth and reconciliation commission was necessary.  If there was an attempt to prosecute everyone who participated in Apartheid, the country would have been torn apart.

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