Are truth and justice themes in The Journey to the West?

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Truth and justice are very important themes in this book. In fact, one could make the argument that they are the central themes of the book. The titular journey can be seen as an archetypal quest for truth, and the paths that each character takes can be seen as the embodiment of justice.

The scriptures that the main characters are traveling to get literally and figuratively represent truth. The scriptures contain some of the holiest teachings of the Buddhist faith, and adherents believe they are literally true. Figuratively, the represent reaching true happiness and turning away from hedonism and self-absorption.

The theme of justice is most obvious in the premise of the story. All of the main characters have committed one crime or another, and their punishment is to go on an arduous journey to obtain the sutras. Justice is also evident in a positive manner when each character is awarded a post in heaven after successfully completely the quest. 

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There is a truth/justice theme in the novel "Journey to the West." The theme of truth can be seen in the monk's travels to India. He is going to India in order to retrieve Buddhist scriptures. These can be seen as truth. There are many ways in which the justice theme is apparent in this novel. The monk and his companions travel for 14 years. There is justice in that after spending that time and struggling to travel to India, that Buddha rewards them by giving them the scriptures. Justice is also seen in the monk himself. He is a kind, compassionate man. He obeys laws and tries to do what is right, also disliking and avoiding violence. Again, justice is found when the monk is rewarded with the scriptures to take back to China.

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