According to superstition, what should you do to counteract the bad luck that comes if you break a mirror?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Superstition can be defined as "A belief or attitude that does not correspond to what is generally believed to be true or rational." Under such a definition there is so much in terms of what can be done to counteract negative superstitions.  The internet has only added to the wide range of what can be done to avert the curse of the broken mirror.  

One such suggestion is to pound the remaining pieces of the mirror into such small parts that they can no longer reflect bad luck. Another remedy is to deposit the pieces in running water or bury them underground, so that the presumable source of bad luck returns to the Earth and does not impact any other humans. There is a suggestion that one simply leaves the pieces intact for seven hours, one for each year, and then pick them up after seven hours have passed.  In the end, the suggestions to overcome the superstition of bad luck are just as superstitious as the initial idea. It is difficult to ascertain what is the exact way to life the perceived curse because of the superstitious nature in both curse and alleviation.

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