Is it true that neither side of the Presidential Race (2012) focuses on the poor? Do they always talk about the middle class, but not the poor?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One very interesting feature of the campaign is the difference in attitude towards the most poor and vulnerable members of the United States population between the two candidates. If you look at the video of Mitt Romney's speech to wealthy contributors (who paid $50,000 each to attend a dinner with him), he states explicitly that he does not care about the 47% of Americans who are too poor to pay taxes, because they will all vote for Obama. In a response on the David Letterman show, Obama talked about being a President for all Americans. In general, many of Obama's policies, such as the Affordable Health Care Act, are intended to help the poor. Obama tends to favor policies which end tax breaks for corporations and the super-rich and protect the poor and the elderly, whereas Romney's policy emphasize giving tax breaks to the richest Americans while simultaneous eliminating the public assistance programs that help the poor.