Is it true that if the human eye were missing only one part, we would not be able to see?

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kdburgess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes. That is true. The eye is a very sensitive organ and defects in vision are caused by malformed or misaligned characteristics of the eye. The eye when damaged is plagued with vision abnormalities. Specifically, you would need to provide me with more information about your question. This would greatly depend on the area of affected vision disturbance.

tonytony3030 | Student

That is a complicated question to answer. It depends on what you mean by "missing" and "see". The eyes were constructed to see best. All parts from whole to micro are essential for the function of the eye and therefore vision. So whether we can see with a missing eye part os tricky. Is it color cones for example? Some people possess only two types of cones and therefore cannot see all colors. Some people miss part of their retina but are still able to see. There is a huge difference between having an eye with a missing part and a defective part. There is also a huge difference between missing a part and having an abnormal vision and not missing any parts and being Blind! I hope this helps....

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