True or false? Warren Harding was a 1920 presidential candidate who called for a return to "normalcy".

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This statement is true.  Warren G. Harding was the Republican candidate for president in 1920.  One of the things he talked about was the idea that the country needed to return to normalcy.

What he meant by that was that the US was tired after all the changes and disruptions that were caused by World War I.  The people of the US were also tired after all of the changes and reforms that government was instituting during the Progressive Era.

Harding ended up being famous for the corruption in his administration, although he himself was not corrupt.

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This statement is true however, what most historians find so interesting about this statement is that the word 'normalcy' was not correct English. The word Warren G. Harding was looking for was 'normality' but was probably unaware of his mistake. The history of the Harding presidency unfortunately followed the same sense of either incorrect or limited knowledge base, all of which mired his presidency with corruption of which he was unaware.

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