True or False: The use of violence against civilians to force political change is known as terrorism.please answer briefly true or false.

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Terrorism is usually perpetrated against a government by a group that wants to take down that government. Governments don't need terrorist acts because they are the ones with the power. Terrorist acts are subversive. They are used to take down the power structure.
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Terrorism is an act of violence against your own government or another's government in order to cause change.  Depending on what side your on, you might not consider certain people terrorists but revolutionaries just like our founding fathers of American. 

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The definition of a terrorist act is sometimes more fluid than we would like to think.  Before and during the Revolutionary war, the British viewed US as terrorists because of some of our actions (The Boston Tea Party) and because we didn't fight "fair," but chose to hide and attack from secret.  As has been said, perhaps too often, what you see often depends on where you stand.

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True, the use of violence as the means to force any sort of political change is terrorism. To envoke fear and 'pain of death' onto a pre-selected group along with innocent bystanders without warning in order to pursue one's own agenda is terror. These horrible acts have the capacity to reach an international audience case in point, September 11, 2001. However terrorist acts can be extremely localized, for example the person who protests abortion because they value human life but will blow up a medical facility that performs the procedure killing innocent people. In most cases there is a severe paradox within the thought process.Extreme radicalism usually advocates violence in order to gain attention to their cause or agenda. Ironically, many times terrorists' commit the very crimes that they are trying to avenge. Food for thought...... 

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I'm sorry but a brief answer to that question is difficult as parts of the statement makes it questionable.  I would use of terror against a government also terrorism.  You can use terrorism to create social change - which if you think about the KKK, they weren't always terrorizing blacks for political change - rather a social change was sometimes the goal. 

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Here is  your definition for terrorism:Terrorism, the threat or use of violence, often against the civilian population, to achieve political or social ends, to intimidate opponents, or to publicize grievances. The term dates from the Reign of Terror (1793–94) in the French Revolution.

According to this definition the answer is: True

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