True or False:  The study of biology is based on the idea that there is disorder in the natural world.

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to that would have to be false.  Biology is a study of the order, not disorder, of living things, both plants and animals.  To say it is a study of disorder would be misplaced and uninformed.  Perhaps you are confusing disorder with diversity, which is the number of different life forms, flora and fauna, existing within an ecosystem.  Biologists the world-wide have as their number one criterion the desire to understand how living things are organized, how they relate to each other, and how that organization feeds into the structure of the biome itself.  Take primates, for example.  There are lots of different types of primates, from man to gorillas, from chimpanzees to orangutuans.  For each one listed, there are remarkable similarities in structure, behavior, and origin.  Likewise, for each one, there are differences, some outstanding, some minute, but differences nevertheless.  No, it is not a study of how things are disordered amongst themselves, but how they are so so ordered, the roles they play, and how they perpetuate the ongoing study called biology.

cgrant2 | Student

Interesting question! I believe that answer is false because biology is based on a specific structures and regulations. For example, the process of Central Dogma work in a sequence of events (DNA>RNA>Proteins). Anything that devates from the natural order is considered a disorder. Biologists work to counteract disorders that have occured in living systems. For example, cancer occurs when there is a problem with regulation of cell division. Oncologist work to fix cancer by preventing cells from replicating and metastasizing. On other hand, biology helps us understand how the world works. A question in biology would be how do cells differentiate into different cell types? So my answer would be false if I had to choose answer.