Is it true or false that `(x^2+1)/(x+1) = x`

Expert Answers
justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is not true that `(x^2+1)/(x+1) = x` for all values of x.

If `(x^2+1)/(x+1) = x`

=> `x^2 + 1 = x^2 + x`

=> `x = 1`

Only for x = 1, `(x^2+1)/(x+1) = x` . This is not the case for a general value of x.

classsic | Student

no (x^2+1)/(x+1)

= (x-1)(x+1)/(x+1)

the (x+1) in the denominator and numerator cancel out, so you are left with x-1 which is the answer.