True or false: hurricanes can destroy homes and businesses by flooding land?

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Hurricanes are one of the most powerful forces of nature. They are large rain storms that are produced over the warm waters of the ocean in the summer, after the air over the ocean picks up large amounts of moisture and begins swirling. Hurricanes can generate wind speeds that can easily exceed over 75 miles per hour due to their swirling nature.

Eventually, hurricanes can move over land and cause large amounts of damage. One of the main ways a hurricane can cause damage is through flooding. Flooding during a hurricane can be caused by two main phenomenon.

Firstly, flooding can occur due to giant "storm surge" of ocean water. Storm surge is generally defined as a rising sea level that is caused by the hurricane's strong winds and low pressure, pushing excess water from the ocean onto the shores. This raises shore line tides to a point where they can flood cities and streets located in close proximity to the coast line. This can cause major damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure nearby.  

A second way in which hurricanes can produce flooding is through the large amounts of rainfall that are present during the storm. This rainfall can sometimes exceed over 12 inches and occur as far as 100 miles inland from where the storm hit the shore. This rain combined with storm surge can cause devastating flooding effects to the surrounding areas.

Taken together, this means that hurricanes can destroy homes and businesses by flooding land. Hope this helps! 

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