True or False? Hiv and Aids are the same.

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The answer is: False

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, known as HIV, is the causative factor that may or may not result in a further development of the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, known as AIDS.

The breakdown of the HIV virus name is: Human- because it hosts itself inside human cells;  Immuno deficiency- has he capability to weaken the natural defenses that are produced in the human body, by invading white blood cells; Virus- Invader of the CD4 and T-Cells inside our body, which are used also by the virus to replicate itself.

In the early 1980s scientists were able to identify and isolate this virus and declared it as the potential cause of AIDS.

AIDS is not a virus, and it is not diagnosed by testing. AIDS is a SYNDROME, which means that it is a series of events that occur in the body through a period of time. Doctors will not determine whether someone has AIDS until they see the signs of it.

They include:

  • A decrease in CB4 and T-Cells
  • The invasion of opportunistic infections
  • Rare or unusual forms of cancer
  • Persistent illness as a result of a lowered immune system
  • Fevers, and other indicators.

It is said that AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection. However, we cannot categorize a causative virus with the illness that comes as a result because not everyone who has HIV develops AIDS.

There is a lot of controversy among some radical groups that claim that HIV does not cause AIDS. However, what could be happening in HIV cases that do not develop into AIDS is either that the virus, itself, is losing strength through mutation, or that modern treatment has triumphed in the prevention of AIDS in HIV patients.

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HIV is a virus and its effects on human body called aids.

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Short Answer:False -There are many differences from both diseases.