True or False: Two chemical agents used in Vietnam included agent red and napalm.there are two questions. please answer briefly. true or false.

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

False. Napalm was used but the other chemical agent was Agent Orange. Agent Orange is highly toxic because it contains dioxin. Naplam, a burning gel like substance, also caused the disfigurement of many Vietnamese children.

jaymac | Student

I guess you could say that it's true that napalm was a chemical agent since it was made of kerosene and gel but it was less a defoliant than a psychological and immensely destructive weapon. I saw napalm used in Vietnam not only in bombs but as perimeter measures in hilltop outposts with explosives attached to drums of napalm. The unique characteristic of napalm is its ability to "roll" and it was common to bomb on the uphill side of enemy forces. Regardless it was a horrifying weapon.  

lolagdeq | Student

False. It was napalm and agent orange.

bgl5704 | Student

False. There were more than two chemical agents that were used in Vietnam. Napalm was not one of them. These agents where used to kill vegetation during the vietnam war so that US troops can see through the jungle vegetation and locate thier enemies. However, some of these agents such as: agent orange, pink, and purple released dioxins which are harmful to humans. Agents Blue and White were also part of the operations but did not release these dioxins. Long term exposure to agent orange, pink, and purple have been linked to various forms of cancer and genetic defects.