In The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is Zachariah really dead?

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brendawm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Zachariah is whipped 50 times at the end of the first mutiny attempt. Hollybrass is ordered to carry out the task but stops after the third lash, when Jaggery cruelly finishes the whipping.  Jaggery and Charlotte presume Zachariah is dead after seeing the crew throw what is presumed to be his body overboard in Zachariah's sewn up hammock.  As Charlotte and the captain later find, Zachariah is still alive and plans to reveal the captain's actions to the authorities after they disembark.  After Jaggery dies, Zachariah becomes the effectual captain of the Seahawk (it was Charlotte who was named captain).

tinkerinker | Student

no zachariah is not dead he is hiding in the lower deck or the jail area if you want to know more read chapter 19-20 in the book

sombady | Student

no he's not dead if u completed the story you'l find that he was hiding in the ship where they kept charlotte bag its really an interested story you have to cpmlete it at the end jaggery will die and mr hollybrass and charlotte will be the captain untill they reach providence then fisk will be the captain and when she will go home she will run away and go back to the ship with zachariah

But u have to continue cuz there are some other points that i didnt mention and they are soooooo niiiiiice:D:D

imsmart123abc | Student

No Zachariah is not really dead.

iamroxanne181 | Student

No it may seem he is but don\'t worry he isn\'t

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