In Fences, Troy told Cory not to make three strikes. What were they?

Expert Answers
e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cory's first strike is announced when Troy pulls Cory from the football team, having discovered that Cory is no longer employed at the A&P. 

Cory told Troy that he was working on the weekends at the A&P during the season and would get his normal job back after the season is over. Troy goes to the A&P and finds that this is not true. Cory is not working weekends, or working at all, at the A&P. 

Cory's defiance of Troy's orders is the first strike announced by Troy. 

The second strike comes when Troy and Rose have an argument about Alberta's pregnancy. Troy tells Rose that he is going to be a father to Alberta's baby and an argument ensues. When Cory sees the fight, he steps in to protect his mother. He knocks his father down.

The scene ends with the warning:

"You living with a full count. Don't you strike out."

The third strike comes six months later. Cory comes home and tries to get past his father on the steps leading into the house. The two men argue and grapple. Cory tries to hit Troy with a baseball bat and Troy takes the bat away from him. 

It is at this point Troy demands that Cory leave his house. 

In the end, Cory leaves the house for good, and Troy ends the scene with a taunt for death to come.