I'm having trouble with an essay comparing and contrasting Updike's "A&P," and Kaplan's "Doe Season."Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly there is more to contrast about these two short stories than to find in common.  The main commonality they share is that they are both told by a key character in the story.  I encourage you to start by looking at Sammy from "A&P" and Andy from "Doe Season" and see what the two have in common from a narrator perspective.  Certainly both of them speak (or narrate) from a voice that sounds much older than their actual age.  You could also make an argument for both of these story-tellers as particularly sympathetic characters.

There are several things you could focus on for differences.  Looking at the big picture, one story focuses on a social incident inside a small town while the other looks at a social incident in the woods.  The different settings could provide an avenue to contrast.  You are also examining the male response to a female choice (inside the A&P) with the first story to the female response to a typically male event (hunting) in the second story.