trivia :-)ralph insists they check the mountaintop for the beast and relight the fire. what is it that the other boys want to do?

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The other boys want to play, essentially. Though the hunting that Jack undertakes has increasingly real results, he is driven to hunt for the role play of the act more than for the food he may gain in a successful hunt. Jack wants to pretend and play make believe, while Ralph wants to be practical and ensure rescue.

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Jack and his hunters want to go hunting. They are consumed with the hunt. Ralph wants to check for the beast and relight the fire on the mountain top. Of course, some of the boys are afraid to search for the beast as mentioned in the above post. It is difficult for the boys to come to a consensus. There are young boys who are afraid. Ralph is the leader and believes they should keep the fire going on the mountain. Jack and his hunters desire to torment pigs on the island.  

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Some of the boys are afraid and do not want to look for the "beast," but Simon says, "What else is there to do?"  Jack, of course, suggests that they hunt for food to eat.  Of course, his insistence upon hunting delays the climb up the mountain until dark; in the lack of light, they do not perceive the parachutist for what it really is, and Ralph is unable to allay the fears of the boys.

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