a triangular prism has a base that is right a triangle. the volume of the prism is 100cm cubic how do find the height and base    

giorgiana1976 | Student

Since you have not provided all the elements to determine the height and the base of the prism, I'll give some indications on how to draw a prism.

The first step is to draw the base, that is a triangle. Draw the vertex of the triangle pointing on you.

The next step is draw a perpendicular on each vertex of triangle. The perpendicular lines must have the same length.

Now, you'll have to join the upper endpoints of these 3 perpendiculars and the triangular prism is ready.

Now, for finding the lengths of height and base, all we know is that the volume is of 100 cm^3.

The volume of the triangular prism is:

V = A*h

A is the area of the triangular base. If the base is a right angle triangle, the area is the product of the legs divided by 2.

h represents the height of the prism.

You can notice that there are more unknowns than given data, therefore the lengths of the height and base cannot be evaluated under these circumstances.