Trevor and Marissa together have 26 t-shirts to sell. If Marissa has 6 fewer t - shirts than Trevor, find how many t-shirts Trevor has.

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mr-mayonnaise eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To solve this problem efficiently our best method is to create equal equations then solve for any information we can. Lets define our variables as:

T = Amount of shirts Trevor has.

M = Amount of shirts Marissa has. 

Knowing this we can set up 2 equations. First that their shirts combined make 26 shirts:

`T + M = 26`

And that Trevor (T) has 6 more shirts that Marissa (M)

`M + 6 = T`

While neither of these equations are solvable, we can substitute one equation into another based on how we define the variables. For instance, we have said that T is equal to M plus 6, so we can substitute that into our other equation as follows: 

`(M + 6) + M = 26`

Remove the parenthesis and solve to get the total amount of shirts Marissa has:

`M + 6 + M = 26`

`M + M + 6 = 26`

`2M = 20`

`M = 10`

So we can see Marissa has 10 shirts and we've defined our variable! Plug it into the other equation to find the number of shirts that Trevor has (T):

`T = M+6`

`T= 10+6`

`T =16`

And we find Trevor has 16 shirts total and Marissa has 10 shirts as our final answer! Hope that helps!   

aishukul | Student

To solve this, first make variables representing t-shirts for Trevor and Marissa.

T=# of t-shirts Trevor has

M= # of t-shirts Marissa has

Since Marissa has 6 fewer t-shirts than Trevor, the expression for her would be (T-6).

(T-6) + T= 26. Solve for T.

2T-6 = 26

2T= 32

T=16. Trevor has 16 t-shirts. Since Marissa has 6 fewer than him, that means Marissa has 10 t-shirts. By making variables representing the t-shirts for each person, it's easy to solve for the equation and find the number of t-shirts each person has. Therefore, Trevor has 16 and Marissa has 10 t-shirts.

mollyosterbind | Student

The easiest way to solve this problem is to first divide the total in half.  If both Trevor and Marissa have the same amount of shirts, they would have 13.  Because the question states that Marissa has 6 less than Trevor and together they have 26, let's subtract 3 from the middle number (13) to get Marissa's total and add 3 to 13 to get Trevor's total.  The reason we subtracted and added 3 is to give us a distance of 6 between the totals. 

Marissa: 13-3=10
Trevor: 13+3=16

10+16=26 shirts.