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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From your tag, I can see that your question is linked to something about literature and the treatment of nature. In addressing this topic, I would pay attention to a couple of items.  The first would be what role does the natural world play in the story/ work you are analyzing.  Is it respected or degraded?  I would also pay attention to the characters in the work, and how they approach the natural world.  Are they demonstrating the qualities of a respect for it, or rather engage in the exploiting of it?  There might also be some level of change or evolution in how the characters perceive and understand the natural world.  Describe this in detail, in terms of how a character starts out and how, at the end of the story, they have changed.  In some stories, there might be one individual who is outside the social realm of others and they might serve as the symbol of how things should be.  In the treatment of nature theme, we see this one person as exerting influence over others in terms of developing an understanding about nature.  If this is present, discuss this, as well.