In Treasure Island, why does the doctor come to the block house and what does this tell you about his character?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter XXX of Treasure Island, Dr. Livesey showed that he lived up to his doctor's code in the highest fashion. Livesey voluntarily entered the blockhouse in order to tend to the wounded pirates, uncertain whether he would be allowed to leave freely afterward.

He seemed to me under no apprehension, though he must have known that his life, among these treacherous demons, depended on a hair... His manner, I suppose, reacted on the men, for they behaved to him as if nothing had occurred—as if he were still ship's doctor, and they still faithful hands before the mast.

He treated their wounds and spoke with them in kind words, making sure that certain sailors had taken their prescribed medicine. Afterward, he managed to convince Long John Silver to speak with Jim, who the doctor feared had gone over to the pirates' side. But Jim told the doctor that he had recaptured the ship, and that it was hidden in the North Inlet.

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