In Treasure Island what made Jim Hawkins mature?

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Jim Hawkins experiences a profound transformation over the course of Treasure Island. He starts the book as a boy but ends it as a man, having experienced enough adventure to last several lifetimes. But the growing-up process for Jim starts before he even sets foot on board ship. After the sudden death of his father, huge responsibilities are placed on his young shoulders. He has to not only arrange his father's funeral but also take over the running of the Admiral Benbow.

No sooner has Jim been plunged headlong into the adult world than he's faced with an even bigger challenge—escaping Bones's enemies and making off with a chest full of loot and a treasure map. Whether he likes it or not, Jim is now responsible for his own destiny in a way that no child should ever have to be. His father is dead, and now he has had to hide his mother for her own protection. And that's before his escapades on the high seas have even started.

Once on board ship, Jim continues to grow up fast. He senses...

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