In Treasure Island, how is the central conflict of the novel resolved? A. Jim Hawkins helps Long John Silver and Captain Smollett to treat Ben Gunn kindly in exchange for his bringing them the treasure. B. Long John Silver convinces the pirates to cooperate with Smollett, and the crew sails home on the Hispaniola. C. Captain Smollett and his men get the treasure while the pirates who mutinied are punished. D. Dr. Livesey brings the two sides together and negotiates a peace, but neither side gets any treasure.

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Treasure Island, the exciting novel by Robert Louis Stevenson about a search for pirate treasure, comes to a clear and definitive resolution of conflict. By analyzing the plot points proposed in the options, we can use the process of elimination to arrive at the correct answer.

Option A suggests that Long John Silver treats Ben Gunn kindly, but the novel never suggests that he does. Additionally, Ben Gunn does not bring the treasure out, but rather leads Squire Trelawney, Doctor Livesey, and the ship's company to the vast treasure, and it takes them all working together several days to sort and transport it to the ship.

Option B has Long John Silver cooperating with Smollett and the others. However, Silver does not cooperate but only surrenders to them when he is forced to do so. Also, the entire crew does not sail home on the Hispaniola. Instead, Smollett leaves three of the surviving pirates on the otherwise deserted island when they sail away.

Option D suggests that Doctor Livesey negotiates a peace and that no one gets any treasure. In fact, there is no negotiated peace, and the pirates are subdued by force. Ben Gunn shows Smollett and the others where the treasure is, and they carry away a substantial portion of it with them.

This leaves us with option C, which is the correct answer. Captain Smollett and his men, thanks to Ben Gunn, do indeed get the treasure. The mutinous pirates are all punished. Some are shot, some are left on the island, and only Long John Silver manages to steal a long boat and escape with some of the treasure.

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There are elements of truth in each of the options, but C is the only correct answer.

While Ben Gunn hints to Jim that he has already found the treasure, claiming that he's rich, Jim doesn't catch on to this at the time. Because Jim left the stockade to recover and beach the Hispaniola, he wasn't present to learn Dr. Livesey negotiated with Ben Gunn to relocate the stockade group to Gunn's cave, where Gunn had already recovered and stored the treasure. Jim spends most of the remainder of the story confused as to why the stockade was abandoned to the pirates, and the treasure map given to Silver. 

With the exception of Silver, who negotiated with Jim and Dr. Livesey to spare himself, the remaining pirates are marooned on the island, though not without provisions left behind by the doctor. Because most of the original crew is dead, the Hispaniola needs replacements before it can attempt crossing the ocean back to England, and so it travels to the nearest port in the Americas. While there, Silver escapes, and thereby avoids punishment.

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